Adjustable Tilt Switches and Their Applications Explained in New Video

Select Controls, Inc. of Bohemia, NY, has published a video guide about adjustable tilt switches online. The information resource provides an overview of how tilt switches work, their applications in industry, and functional options. On their most basic level, tilt switches close or open a circuit in response to a change of angle.

A tilt switch creates or breaks a connection between the lead or electrode and the conductor or connector. When the lead and conductor connect within the switch housing, the circuit is completed. The electricity movement then activates a response within the machine containing the tilt switch.

The two main categories of tilt switches are normally-closed and normally-open. A normally-closed switch has a default state of completing the circuit and thereby keeping an electrical function active. Only when a change of angle occurs will the switch disconnect the circuit. A normally-open switch serves the opposite purpose. Under normal machine operation, the tilt switch prevents circuit completion. A change of angle disrupts this status and causes the lead to touch the conductor. The resulting electrical connection activates a response within the machine.

Typically, tilt switches are non-latching. Restoration of the machine to a proper angle does not return it to normal operation. Other controls within the machine must be present to reset operation.

A protective housing called a can contains the tilt switch. The conductor may rely on a ball bearing or conductive electrolyte-rich fluid. A change of angle will move the bearing or shift the fluid and impact the circuit according to the switch’s design.

Multiple industries and manufacturers need adjustable tilt switches. Everything from household appliances to aircraft to military weapons include tilt switches, mostly for safety. For example, a tilt switch automatically shuts off a space heater should it get tipped over. The switches assist aircraft pilots with the job of maintaining a level flight. They also can prevent the arming of weapons when their position is disrupted.

Select Controls, Inc. produced the video to highlight its custom adjustable tilt switch manufacturing capabilities.

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